Anti-Fog Solution

GOLF F® is a sterile anti-fog solution used in laparoscopy.
The active ingredient in the GOLF F® solution is a surface-active agent. Each packet includes a plastic bottle containing approximately 6 ml  of the solution - sufficient for a complete surgery - as well as a radio opaque adhesive, 45 x 45 mm, sponge, with an easy to peel side flap.  The bottle is very flexible in order to facilitate the application of the product.
The advantages of the GOLF F®  solution are numerous: prevents the occurrence of fog on the lenses; provides excellent visibility; image quality; and avoids unnecessary interruptions during surgery.
GOLF F® is individually packaged in Tyvek ® bag with traceability labels and EAN/UCC barcode.


Product Code: 701 1301 : Box of 20 units
Product Code: 701 1300 : Box of 60 units


Anti-fog solution - Bottle

Anti-fog solution - Bottle and Sponge


Anti-fog solution - Sponge easy to peel flap